Pack Walks

Our Pack Walks are adventure walks on private and public property. We walk in various locations, from busy suburban areas to calmer forest walks, exposing the dogs to multiple environments. Variety in the environment helps build their confidence and strengthens our relationship with the pack.

Dogs are incredibly social animals and love being a part of a pack, and with a good relationship with their handler, they can thrive in this environment. As the handler/leader, we ensure every dog has what it needs and feels safe and secure in our care.

The dogs receive training in essential, basic commands such as: follow, stay, recall and stay close. They are taught to be calm and respectful while on walks, both on and off-lead.

Our walks vary between 5 -12km per day.

Check out our SPECIALTY SQUADS for alternative walk options.

Important: Our Pack Walks are recurring weekly rosters with adventure and enrichment aspects booked a month in advance. Please ensure that you consider this when making an application.


Pack Walk (Standard)


Singular dog, one walk per week on a set, enrolled day.

Pack Walk Multi-Dog


(Multiple dogs from one household on set, enrolled days)

Pack Walk Multi


Singular dog, multiple walks per week on set, enrolled days.

Additional Info

Pack walks must be booked on a reoccurring weekly schedule.

All Pack Walk pricing is per dog, per walk.

Includes pick-up and drop-off on our Mon- Fri shuttles


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