Pack Walks

Do you want your dog to get out and spend time with other dogs, and go on adventures while you are at work?

The Dog Squad can help you.

Our walks are tailored to suit a wide range of dogs we offer elements of structure and training mixed with fun and play. We love helping dogs fulfill their exercise requirements with our walks ranging from 5 to 12 kms long. We try to vary our walks as much as possible, with urban, forest and beach walks.

Our pack cater for all sizes with specialized groups available on specific days.

If you want to come home to a tired and happy dog then inquire today!

Pack Walk Pricing

All pack walks must be booked on a reoccurring weekly schedule:

Pack Walk Standard - $50 per dog

(one walk per week on a set day)

Pack Walk Multi - $45

(multiple walks per week)

Pack Walk Multi Dog - $45

(multiple dogs from one household)


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