We are Hayden & Cassie, The Dog Squad! 

We have been involved in working with dogs for many years and have a real passion for providing dogs with enrichment to help them become the best dogs they can be.

Dogs are the most amazing creatures. They are just so honest about how they feel and what they want. Working with them and seeing them grow and thrive is just incredible, and we are very lucky to call this our job.

What services do we offer?

Pack Adventures

Do you want your dog to get out and spend time with other dogs, and go on amazing adventures while you are at work?

Then look no further!

Your dog will get exercise, socialisation and training on The Dog Squad Pack Walks. And you can check out the photos of your fur-buddy having a great time in our exclusive Facebook Group.

The location varies from forest adventures to urban walks. They are around 2 hours in length and include both pick up and drop off. Servicing most of the North Shore & Rodney.


Based near Bethells beach, the Dog Squad live in picturesque farmland environment where your dog can enjoy life and adventures with our personal pack while you are away. 

Homestay dogs get to enjoy life with the pack, staying in our home. The dogs get to come out on pack walks and get supervised exercise on our fully fenced property. The dogs sleep in my house with us and our personal dogs. 

Want to see where your dog will spend its time? Check out this video.

Did you know we have a shop too?

If you want some great quality Dog Squad clothing, or just a sticker for your car, we have something to suit. Rep our brand and look stylish at the same time! 

Want to know what our clients think? These faces say it all!

Their humans are keen to tell you about The Dog Squad too!


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