Welcome to The Dog Squad

We offer a Pack Walking/Adventure service, which means the dogs get training in essential, basic commands such as follow, stay, recall and stay close. They are taught to be calm and respectful while on walks, both on and off-lead.

Dogs are incredibly social animals and love being a part of a pack, and with a good relationship with their handler, they can thrive in this environment. As the handler/leader, we ensure every dog has what it needs and feels safe and secure in our care.

Our Pack Walks are adventure walks on private and public property. We walk in various locations, from busy suburban areas to calmer forest walks, so the dogs get exposed to various environments. Variety in the environment helps build their confidence and strengthens our relationship with the pack.

Temporary Hold: Squad Applications Resume June 2024

These past few months have been bustling with enquiries, making it our busiest period yet! With Winter on the horizon and our Packs now operating at maximum capacity, we're hitting the pause button on assessments for new Squad members until June 2024. This allows us to reevaluate our capacity and the waitlist.

Walk Structure

Morning shuttle pick-up: 7:30 am - 9:30 am 

Walks: Each walk lasts at least two hours, and locations vary daily. It may be a lush forest trek, an exciting city exploration, or a day at the farm!

Afternoon shuttle drop-off: 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

*Times are a guideline only.

Pack Walk

1 x walk for 1 x dog, Monday - Friday, including shuttle pick-up and drop-off

$50.00 per dog per walk


 Monday- Friday, two or more walks for 1 x dog, including shuttle pick-up and drop-off.

$45.00 per dog per walk


Two or more dogs from the same household on the same day

$45.00 per dog per walk


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