Specialty Squads

Along with our standard adult Pack Walks, we also offer two Specialty Squads: Senior Squad and Tiny Squad.

Senior Squad

We offer a thoughtfully crafted Senior Pack Walk designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for our mature dogs. Our exclusive "Senior Squad" program is tailored specifically for older dogs and those with existing medical health needs.

These walks, which have the same duration as our standard Pack Walks, occur both on and off-site to keep the excitement alive. However, the Senior Pack Walks are characterized by a gentler pace, allowing our senior dogs to savour every moment without feeling rushed.

Tiny Squad

You don't need to tell us twice that little dogs can't get their roomies on! Our Tiny Squad caters to small-breed dogs. They receive the same enrichment, adventure based pack walk, but with a group of dogs their own size to ensure a comfortable walk experience. 

Socialisation is incredibly important—our Tiny Squad often walk with our large packs to continue healthy exposure and relationships.


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